Rathjen Family

Rathjen Family
Rathjen, Party of EIGHT

Friday, October 7, 2011

Step by Step

Last week the big accomplishment was getting our documents successfully through the certification process and on to the embassy to be authenticated. As of of 8:15 a.m. we have completed one of the final steps in our paper chase. We got our finger prints captured for immigration. The best part about this liitle jog to a very official appointment is we had a few hours to discuss the names of these cute little guys (with no distractions.). We are finding naming twins is a lot more difficult for us. We have agreed, they need to be strong and catchy, not one cooler than the other, and they don't need to rhyme or start with the same letter. Names are a big deal to us, I like to keep meanings in mind. As you know, they have been named officially Ning And Ping. They are in an American Foster Care Center, which means they have also given them American names, Max and Matthew. We are not really sure what they are used to being called at this time. Either way, we feel a name is a gift and each of our children deserves one that has been thought about, pondered and carefully considered. As soon as they are set in stone we will put them out there...for now we are going to avoid the opinions, not because we don't value them, but rather because we do. Then we get really confused and start going backward and it just ain't no fun!

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