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Rathjen Family
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Farewell Fiona

Many tears have been shed on our home front today.  We woke to find Zoe's cute little white pony, Fiona had been fighting colic all through the night.  Her intestines were twisted and she was miserable.  The vet was immediately called and he tried his hardest to help her, but his efforts were unsuccessful.  She was laid to rest shortly before lunch.

My poor little girl shed a thousand tears today.  When a girl loses her pony the world comes to a halt.  Bless her little heart as she tries to make sense of this loss.  It is so hard to see your child in such anguish.

When Zoe was about 4, she had spotted Fiona at a carnival in Flagstaff, AZ.  We were there watching Clay rope.  She dragged her daddy over to the pony ring to show him the white treasure with a "For Sale" sign on her hinney.  After batting her eyelashes and sticking out the bottom lip, Zoe had earned the title, "Proud Owner of a White Pony."  She was such a cute little thing.  She looked like a real pretty quarter horse, just smaller. None of us imagined, her life would be so darn short.

Earlier this month we had purchased a new bridle and cinch for little Fiona.  We had come up with the idea to have her and her best horsey pal, Moonshine (Rance's pony) ready to do pony rides for Trigg and Ivor's upcoming birthday party.  The kids have spent several days here lately playing with and grooming the ponies.

It's never easy around here when a pet is lost...each time, I think to myself, NO MORE ANIMALS.  Somehow, they continue to accumulate.

Praying my daughter's pain will fade soon...and promising my next post to be a happy one.



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  1. LOVE your header picture!~! What a handsome bunch of guys, and beautiful ladies!! Tell Zoe I'm SO SO sorry about her horse:( That is so hard, and hard for mamma too! Hugs to you all! Hope we meet again one of these days:)