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Rathjen Family
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's Raining Tears in Uganda

Yesterday afternoon, I was sittting at my laptop, watching the clouds move in, enjoying a glass of tea.  I had just signed onto Facebook when I noticed my dear friend Lutaaya (Lou-ty-a) was online.  I hit the "chat" button to see how he was doing.  Normally, he is quite up-beat and we conversate about how our families are doing.  Yesterday was different.

 Lutaaya was born in Kampala, Uganda and spent a lot of his time as a child struggling to survive on the streets of Africa.  I met him while I was there in April 2011, serving on a mission team.  I had given 2 weeks of my life to the children of Uganda through mission work.  Lutaaya gives every day of his.  He spends his time mentoring children that have been abandoned and left to fend for them themselves. 

Kampala has more orphaned children per square foot than any other place and it has more children in it's population than adults.  While in Kampala, I fell in love with the children, who are often happy and exciteable.  However, they have moments of desperation and when they do, very few people to turn to.  So, they turn to the "Uncles."  Lutaaya, George, Junior, and Kenny to name a few, will do everything in their power to help these "street children."  Their organization is called Africa Hearts, and some of those hearts are crying for help right now.  It is currently raining a lot, which brings major complicaitons about in the slums.  Lutaaya layed his  concerns out to me today about a few of them.  He sent me photos and is requesting prayer for these children.  One of the boys, Yusuf, sits in dirty clothing, with his hand covering his intestines.  He is in desperate need of a surgery for a hernia way past due for operation.  Another, Katumba, sits upon the ground, clearly wounded.  He was hit by a car and needs treatment.  Two others, Eddie and Sabote, lay sleeping and the "uncles" are unable to wake them easily.  Lutaaya has given them much needed pain killers.  They clearly need a doctor.  One boy, Kizito, lay covered in severe burns from cooking oil.  He is currently in the hospital and we praise God for that.    If you feel led and would like to help in a financial way, please contact me and you can donate money directly to them.  If nothing else...would you please, please pray for these children?



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