Rathjen Family

Rathjen Family
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Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Weekend To Remember

Heading to recital

As the weekend got rolling I had to remind myself that I like to be busy.  I must! I stay that way.

T-ball was scheduled to kick off but we canceled due to the weather...we can do that ya know...since we are the coaches. I went 4-wheelin' instead...
After laying new concrete I decided to take a detour…forgetting no
gravel had been placed.  

Thankfully my college kid is home for the summer and had me out in no time.

Zoe had her "Exhibition Night" and was chosen to represent her team in the fashion show...their topic:

The fifth graders did a unit on ballroom dancing and got to show off their new skills.  Watch out middle school!

Rance rocked in his 7th Birthday with a breakdance performance to the song "Skyfall."  He was excited to be the only survivor in the act and wowed the audience with his charm.

Zoe wrecked her scooter on the new driveway just 2 hours before the 1st performance. Thanks to oils, bandages and lots of prayers she made made it through 4 dances and did a fabulous job.

We honored Rances birthday at the local Mexican restaurant after the recitals.  

And of course celebrated a great dance weekend despite the injury.  Good thing we make em' tough.

Daddy was so proud of how she pulled through.

Zoe danced jazz and hip-hop this year and loved it.  We have some performers on our hands!

Trigg and Ivor enjoyed the fro-yo break the most!

Throughout the weekend I worked very hard at not getting frazzled and stressed. (I only flew off the handle when I saw Zoe's bloody lower extremity).  Instead, I kept reminding myself how blessed we are to have all this opportunity.  



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