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Rathjen Family
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Maria's Big House of Hope gave us hope...

Years ago I bought this book, simply because it looked adorable. We ended up loving it and reading it time and time again. A ladybug named Dot finds a curious bundle who turns out to be an orphaned, Chinese, baby girl named Shaoey. She follows this little baby through her journey as an orphan, all the way into the arms of her new adoring adoptive family. It is simply darling.

It is written by Steven Curtis Chapman who is a well known Christian Music Artist. He is "famous" in the adoption community, gaining popularity for all he has done for orphans, including founding Maria's Big House of Hope. Maria's Big House of Hope opened it's doors on July 23, 2009, which just so happens to be my husbands birthday and it also happens to be the place where our little man just received surgery, as well as top notch care...

The center is not named after the Chapman's daughter in the book, it is named after the Chinese daughter they brought home who later died in a tragic accident, Maria.

There is a button along the right for Show Hope...where this all is tied in to. It's amazing to me to think of our sweet little baby there...healing and growing, waiting...

I just cannot begin to express how grateful I am for this place, for this family, and for the work God is doing through them.


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