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Friday, December 9, 2011

Shocking Statistics

Our agencey, CCAI (Ch*nese Children Adoption Internat*onal) just sent out a newsletter announcing their Number 1 ranking in the WORLD. They are truly amazing. In the newsletter were some numbers that shocked me.

9,664 children have found their forever families through our agency.
8,770 of them were beautiful little girls.
894 of them were bouncing baby boys.
1,886 of these children were special kiddos with some special needs.
Included in these numbers were 71 sets of twins/siblings, confirming that...

our boys are truly one in a million! You will agree when you read this paragraph taken directly from the newsletter:

And I quote:

"The orphan population in Chinese orphanages today is quite different from what it was five or ten years ago. In most orphanages, 90% of the children are children with physical and/or mental special needs. Among all the special needs children, less than 10% are truly adoptable. Even among the adoptable, only a small percentage will have the opportunity to find a forever home because of the reality that families who are willing and able to adopt a child with special needs are understandably in the minority."


So, as I did, you ask yourself, why so many with special needs? After reading through this letter, I think I finally understand. As our economy declines, China's is actually improving. In 1986 a college professor made approximately $8 per month. Now days, a college professor makes about $1000 per month. Big Improvement! What does that mean for orphans? Well, it means now families can afford to pay the "fine" for having more than one child rather than abandon them. Another big change in China has been that boys are no longer prefered, and the sexes are being abandoned equally. Phew...that's good. Can you even imagine a country full of men, fighting over the few women? The men need us, ladies!

Do to the fine, along with the costs to care for children with special needs, they are the ones more commonly abandoned.

I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you.
John 14:18

Have a blessed day,


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