Rathjen Family

Rathjen Family

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Winding Down and Looking Up

After a wonderful Christmas, a great one, one full of joy, excitement and love, we are looking toward a new year. A year we will add two more beautiful children to our family, Lord willing, and a year I will continue to grow as a mother, a wife, and a follower of Christ.

But first, we will look back and remember 2011.

This year, Clay and I each lost a grandparent as well as a good friend taken far too young from us.

We moved our family, again. This time to the home Clay grew up in for most of his childhood.

I fulfilled a life long dream. I went on a mission to Uganda, Africa.

Zoe had her most successful year of her life in rodeo, thanks to Turbo, Papa and Charmaine. She brought home a record 3 buckles in one summer.

Rance turned from a toddler to a kid and started pre-school.

Tyler joined the National Honors Society and went to State with the Bayfield Wolverine football team. He also earned his 2nd high school letter.

As I reminisce, I look up. I thank the Lord for the year, for the hedge of protection He provided over my children, my husband and myself and our parents. I thank Him for the beautiful people of Uganda, many of which, I now call my friends. I thank Him for the success he has allowed my children to experience. I thank Him, that not a day went by this past year, that my family felt hunger and we had no food to give them, that they needed shelter, and it was not available. I thank Him that we have started the journey toward adoption, another one of my life long dreams. I thank Him, and I know I don't thank Him enough.

So, for 2012, I pray that I am reminded to thank Him more. I pray that my family will not only be rich physically, that we will also be richer in faith. I pray that we will each get to know our Creator more this year. I pray we will spend more time in the Word. I pray He will continue to guide us through our adoption and keep our treasures safe and protected for us. All of them...all five of them.

2012~we are ready for you.




  1. Wonderful, wonderful post! The Lord is doing amazing things! May we continue to be right smack dab in the middle of His will. :) Hugs!

  2. Misty and Family, i do not know but may the good lord be with you all this year 2012 and i can not forget that in the year 2011 i got to meet a good friend misty that i now call a great friend who has a great passion. Bless you and prosper you in 2012.junior