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Rathjen Family
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Friday, January 13, 2012

Persistence ~ Patience ~ Prayer

I'm persistent not patient. God is clearly working on me currently, as I PRAY these baby boys home. We are at a "standstill.". Well, kind of. We are waiting for our "LOA." This stands for "Letter of Aceptance," and it is due to come between January 8th and February 8th (give or take). Needless to say, I hoped it would be here January 8th. I'm praying, fasting sometimes pleading, with God that this much anticipated document come quickly. It will come by email, so every time I hear my phone ding I hurry to check it. Every time it's another silly advertisement, I'm some what disappointed. I keep telling myself to relax, it will come, but I remember God wants us to PRAY.. So I do, and beg a little, and I haven't seen it yet.

HOWEVER, HE.is.faithful. He always knows just what I need.

Around lunchtime on January 5th, my mom calls, somewhat frantic. She is beyond excited to tell me the boys current photos have just popped up on Facebook in her newsfeed. (I love my mom, and especially love her enthusiasm for life). Love Without Boundaries had posted them. I of course hurry to the computer, and sure enough, there they are, two of the most darling children in China!


This event prompted me to start looking around on Love Without Boundaries Facebook page. There was an album on there containing 3,870 photos. I began searching back through them, and low and behold, there were my babies! Some photos together, some separate, and as I continued to go further back in the album, I found their newborn photos. I found information written under these photos, telling parts of their story...for instance I know now my sweet little guys were reunited on November 9th. And now they can know these little (but big) details one day too. What a blessing, what a gift. So as I try to wait patiently for a document, I am given these gifts, and to Him I am so thankful.

Join me in praying for the timing of our adoption.



Here are some of my favorites of the little munchkins-

Here they are together!

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  1. Oh how exciting. One of the hardest parts about adoption can be not having baby pics and stories to tell. That is truly a gift to have both. So happy for you. Love ya!