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Rathjen Family
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Feeling the Labor Pains in this Paperwork Pregnancy

After we got our LOA's we were able to apply for the boys' Visa's. We then got another stack of paperwork to fill out and I am realizing as it is all labeled "Travel this and Travel that," this pregnancy is sliding into the 3rd trimester. I believe we are having some Braxton Hicks. I am so freaked out that I am going to fill something out wrong, or not send it to the right place...or God forbid-miss something! Sigh I just really want this part to be behind us.

To add to the pressure, it's time to decide who all is coming along! We really want to take the kids.

Tyler is 17 years old, has always loved to travel and learn about other places and desperately wants to come. He raised a lot of money through fund raising to go on a school related trip to Europe last year. He did not reach the target amount and wasn't able to go. The money he did raise, will cover his expenses on this trip. We still have the factor of him missing 2 weeks of school his Junior Year.

Zoe is nine. She ends her nightly prayer with "and Lord, please help me get to China." Bless her heart. She is very excited about this adoption. She definately has her mama's heart, and I can see her traveling down a similar path on her own some day. I think it will be extremely beneficial to her to come. I home school her, the world is her class room and I think this experience would be amazing for her.

And of course you have Rance. Rance is very excited to be a BIG brother. I feel like he will be the hardest on the trip, but I also feel he is the most at risk for being angry with us or the twins upon our return if he is not part of it. When I returned from Uganda, he was bitter with my mom because she had watched him for a lot of the time. We came to the conclusion later, that he had blamed her for my extended absence for some reason. I guess 3 year olds just find someone to blame.

The problem: It is costly. I am so fortunate my mom and possibly dad are coming. We will have the extra hotel room anyway. We will have their help and support. I think we need to just bite the bullit and make it a family affair. Praying for clarity...

As all this spins through my mind, I think about two absolutely adorable, charming, and breath taking boys, half way around the world that are getting closer and closer to having their very own mom and dad and I just want to squeal! EEEEK! I cannot wait to get those babies in my arms. Trigg, Ivor, we are coming!




  1. Oh girlie, you are in the 3rd trimester! Praise God for it! :) Do what you need to for your family. :)

  2. Misty, I am just so excited for you. What a wonderful time for your family!! God bless you!

  3. We are so excited for you! WE have a son from Hope foster home which is where one of your boys is correct? I volunteered with LWB for a year until recently and fell in love with your boys whenever I read about them..we are on day 46 of LOA wait for our little girl who is in Shanghai waiting for us. Congrats, it will be fun to follow your journey

  4. Thanks so much girls. Our little guys are in New Hope...Heartbridge. I would love to volunteer with them! Bless you for doing that. I have fallen in love also, how can you not! Ha! Congratulations to all of you as well. I will be following your journeys....Hugs...

  5. I hopped over from the winter DTC chat group. Your boys (and your family) are precious!!!!!! So excited for you all and I look forward to keeping up! We have recently put in our LOI on a sweet little girl and are awaiting the PA. This is when the time really starts to drag - we have a face! Prayers for you!