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Rathjen Family
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Letter of Acceptance!!!

Today was a big day! Late morning, Love Without Boundaries Sponsorship program (my parents sponsor Trigg) sent a letter letting us know Trigg's FINAL surgery was a success, Praise God! He is now recovering and is getting close to being reunited with his twin, Ivor. Yay!!!! And if that wasn't enough...late afternoon, I received the long awaited, (46 days) LOA. We are getting closer... I have butterflies! I zipped right over to the office, we got those babies signed and shot it right back to our agency. Now they will file our immigration paperwork. We wait - again - for that. But that's ok, because this thing is moving!

As I was reading over this mighty important document, I came across a line that stirred my emotions (that's not hard to do). Each document lists the boys' names, date of birth, and sex. Then, it says:

Identity: institutionalized child whose birth parents cannot be ascertained

Wow. I am person who grew up in loving home, who was rocked to sleep by my mother as an infant, who knows my parents, and knows them well. I also know they love me and would do anything for me. So to try to wrap my mind around what it must feel like to so many children, millions, and millions of children to have this as their "identity," is impossible. My heart breaks for these children. I prayed a prayer a long time ago, that the Lord would break my heart for the things that break His. I believe my prayer is being answered.

It is our responsibility now, yours and mine; to help Trigg Cody and Ivor Jude to find their real identity. Soon, we will get the chance to love them like Jesus loves us. To ADOPT them, like He has adopted us. To teach them, they were made in His image, and they are beautiful. He knew before they were even born, they would have a mother and a father...He knew.

Step by Step, Day by Day...

Hang in there with us~




  1. Praise God!!! What a HUGE day!!!!

  2. yes He knew! So excited you are almost there :)