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Rathjen Family
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Monday, March 5, 2012

An Ivor Jude Spotting!

Thanks to the World Wide Web, I have made a connection with a lady from Chicago who is in China RIGHT NOW adopting Ivor's adorable friend. In her last update from the care center, it was implied that her little one had a close bond with our son, Ivor. Miraculously, she was able to locate me and let me know she was headed for China and would be in the boys care center. Of course we were excited at the possibility of getting some more pics, (you can never have enough). She and I even had the opportunity to speak before she left. I am feeling so blessed by the people I have met on this journey. It is very exciting to think Ivor will be able to keep in touch with a friend he made in his first year of life. How precious these little ones are, and how precious are those very first bonds they make. It breaks my heart to be tearing the babies from the only life they know, from the nannies who have loved them so, from the beds they know, and the environment they are familiar with. However, I know they can't stay there forever, it is only a chapter of their lives and I am so grateful for it. It is best they come home to a family and a life where they will have opportunities and unconditional love.

A special thank you to (you know who you are) for the darling pictures of our sweet boy.

Many Blessings,



  1. Darling is right! I love that you have all of these photos for them as they grow up. I love to see all of the blessings that are happening along the way for you too.

  2. How precious!! Just curious... is he at Hope Healing home in Beijing? The wall paintings look familiar from pictures I have seen. The reason I ask, is because our sweet girl is there right now.
    He is adorable!! They both are!!

  3. I would be smitten too, isn't adoption THE BEST? Almighty God bringing people together from all over the world to call, FAMILY. Soooo happy for you all. Now go get those boys!