Rathjen Family

Rathjen Family
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beijing Day 2

We cannot believe how much we have fit in, in just two days. We also can't believe how much we love our guide Cindy, in just two days. These two days have been simply amazing. I wondered if I could even enjoy them, being so anxious to get the boys, but they have been impossible not to enjoy. Today we did the Jade Factory, the Great Wall, toured where the Olympics were held and the Acrobatics show. Wow. Our boys are coming from a place rich on culture and history, that is for sure.

They do however, do things a little different here. For instance, if there is not a restroom nearby and your child needs to go, no big deal, just have her pee on the side walk. Oh, and that rule applies to the men also. Smoking has not gone out of style here, and they allow it almost everywhere. Dinner for ten where the locals eat, you can be sure $30 is enough. Hands to yourself rule, that does not apply either. They literally pet our children's hair and pinch their cheeks. Rest assured though, they are very sweet people. They are quick to smile, quick to wave, and try with all their might to communicate with us westerners. I simply love it here.

The Great Wall is one of those things that cannot be conveyed in photos. It is unbelievably enormous. It is far more than a wall.

We have never seen such amazing acrobats as we did tonight. Our guide said they practice for 10 years for their 10 minute performance but they usually make enough to buy a small business when they retire at the age of 25.

I was off on my math in last nights post. Of course it was the middle of the night when I did it, but we now have 2 more sleeps till we are a family of 7. Woohoo!


  1. Just caught up on your blog. I'm so glad you are all enjoying China so much and that you're loving your time there even before you meet your boys. Praying many blessings on your family and of course Trigg and Ivor as they adjust to their new family. Love the updates!

  2. Amazing!!! We are all following the adventure and counting the days (soon to be nous) that you get yo hold those precious boys....