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Rathjen Family
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday in Guangzhou and some blogging catch up

Today we got all our paperwork ready for the Consulate. It went very smooth, as CCAI is very organized and informative. Our guide, Maggie is truly wonderful. She is so, so sweet and funny. She met with all of us and we planned the next few days. Tomorrow we go to the Pearl Market and Shamian Island. Tuesday we are going on a Safari. Wednesday we go back to the island and then on a dinner cruise on the Pearl River. Lots of cool things are planned for us.

When we arrived, Zoe started an ear infection. That went away and then Rance started running a really high fever, over 103. I got a bit nervous. When we received the twins, they were both congested and had colds. Every newly adopted child here is. We are wondering if it is from the pollution. Very possible. Anyhow, next thing we know, Rance has an ear infection. I brought antibiotics with me, so went ahead and started him. The last thing he needs is an ear infection going onto the plane ride. What do you know, now Tyler, Zoe and Rance have sore throats, and Zoe has a terrible stuffy nose. I wonder if they caught something on the plane and then got so run down they latched onto it.

We seem to be on the mends, thank God. We are loving Guangzhou. It's the coolest place. Beijing was neat too, but very busy. Scooters were constantly flying by us. Yes, on the side walk. Then you add the spitting people and the inevitable stares and it is quite the experience.

Zhengzhou was okay. We did a lot of walking because the things you need are quite a walking distance from the hotel. Once we added Trigg and Ivor to the mix the staring picked up even more. The people of this country do not seem to really grasp and realize how many orphans there are here. Secondly, they don't understand why we would want them. That's not all of them of course, there are several who tell us what a wonderful thing we are doing. Twins are considered good luck, so we get lots of admirers. They are pretty cute ones, to boot.

The three older kids are all totally on love with Trigg and Ivor. I am confident anyone who meets them will be smitten. Rance and Zoe love to push the stroller, and Tyler never minds taking a turn packing a tug boat. That's their nickname, considering they are enormous! We took them to their doctor appointment yesterday and Trigg is 26.5 lb and Ivor is 24. We are told Henan boys are big. Well I guess so!

Every one of the children adopted in our group are eating nonstop. Especial our brutes. We have all come to the conclusion they are just not used to food so accessible and they kind of like it!

They are sleeping through the night. They love to be rocked to sleep. At first they screamed and panicked at bath time but after Rance's bath demonstration and lots of patience easing them in, they are ole' pros. They go to splashing and laughing and it's a wild, grande time.

Tonight, one of the little girls in our group turned 2, so we threw a party. It was great fun celebrating with all the new kiddos. There is not one here, that's not absolutely precious.

Thank you Lord, for all these little sweethearts.




  1. So glad things are going so well except for the sickness. I was praying for you guys today as I stained some more picnic tables to sell for Jessica's adoption. May God bless the rest of your trip. So glad the boys are adjusting so well to your family!! Trigg weighs pretty-much the same as Brecken. Love all the pics!

  2. Thanks so much Megan. You are amazing.