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Rathjen Family
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Monday, July 9, 2012

A Day at the Children's Cleft Clinic

Today was all about Ivor Jude. We finally had our CL/CP consultation.

Here is what we learned:

Children should get their palate closed around 12 months of age. Ivor is 22 months. We should do this ASAP. However, when a surgery is done on a newly adopted child, it can in some cases create issues with trust. The child is finally getting comfortable in their new family and then a traumatic event takes place- the surgery. However, in some cases, it creates a time for the child to "need" mom and dad, so it may create a stronger bond. You just don't know till you go down that road.

We learned Ivor will stay 1-2 nights in the hospital and then be on his way. His recovery will take about two weeks in which he will be on all puréed foods.

He will most likely not have his nostril repaired until he is 5 or 6.

He needs some genetic testing.

He does in fact still have a hole in his heart. We will now need to have that evaluated by a cardiologist.

Ivor is one tough little cookie.

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