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Rathjen Family
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tummy Trouble

Fifteen days after we got home I started to feel very sick. I went to the doctor and discovered I had Giardia. Naturally, we got the twins tested. Ivor tested positive for it as well and Trigg for a different parasite called Crypto. We were all put on medication. Soon after, Zoe and Rance began feeling sick. It was assumed, they too had it and were treated. Poor Zoe has continued to feel bad. A few days ago we had her tested and she has yet a DIFFERENT one. Tomorrow is July 4th. I am in hopes I can get my hands on the medicine she needs at some point. This is really starting to freak me out, and overwhelm me a bit.

Why are there parasites in China? Parasites are everywhere. However, it is more common to get them there do to the unclean water and lack of refrigeration. I wish we knew exactly where we ingested them.

Here are some tips for all you world travelers:

Don't drink the water. Don't even brush your teeth with it.

Wash your hands every chance you get, especially if you are caring for a baby.

Only eat thoroughly cooked foods.

Pray-pray-pray! Seriously.

Please pray that these darn things would be out of our lives forever very soon!

Just think, some children in orphanages and people living in poor conditions all around the world are infected with parasites and may never receive treatment. They will live day after day with tummy aches, fatigue and all the other nasty symptoms that can arise. Did you know, some of these parasites, if left untreated can be deadly?

We are beyond blessed to live where we have access to healthcare. Thank God for that and for the healing He gives us.




  1. I'm so SORRY!!! I'm not sure how we escaped this issue!!! We tested one of the girls....never can catch the other one:( But she was negative, and we all feel great...and we brushed our teeth with the water at the motel..and the girls proably drank a 1/2 gallon each of bath water! I wonder if you got it in their province?? I will pray:) Hugs to you all! Hope you are feeling normal soon!

  2. Hugs. Another thing for tips... take a prescription for "Cipro" with you.. and take it right away when you first get symptoms... it will kick it before it gets well established in your system! So sorry sister!