Rathjen Family

Rathjen Family
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Friday, June 29, 2012

Jesus Loves Boys With Buzz Cuts

We cut Trigg and Ivor's hair for the first time this evening. They have been buzzed before, just not by their daddy. Then we went to the church the kids have been attending Vacation Bible School at, for a barbecue. Trigg and Ivor are very social at events now. People seem to adore them, and they sure don't mind the attention.

The boys are learning all kinds of new things:

They both attempt to say "hello," as they hold their hand to their head as if it is a phone. They recently learned how to "moo" at the cows, as well as say "I love you". (It kind of sounds like "I love you," I know what they are saying!) Ivor has gone from a "non-kisser" to a real smoocher. Trigg has gotten a bit more ornery, which just confirms he is more comfortable.

I also posted some pics of them with their Great-Grandma (pre buzz cut). The night she came over we sang Jesus loves me. They are so cute doing the hand motions to the song.

Enjoy the brief update!



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