Rathjen Family

Rathjen Family
Rathjen, Party of EIGHT

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Sweetness

This past weekend we spent Saturday afternoon at the lake and Sunday at the first kids rodeo of the season. Trigg and Ivor took it all in, and are doing much better handling schedule interruptions. It's so fun to watch them experience new things. Something as simple as sand on their little bare feet is new and scary.

It occurs to me each time, how little they have really been exposed to. It saddens me to think how many children will live in institutions until they age out, never getting the opportunity to feel sand beneath their feet, or wind on their face on a boat ride.

I pray that Jesus will use Trigg and Ivor to influence many more families to open their hearts and their homes to the children that need them.

Today, I give thanks for moments like these in the photos, where the family I have dreamed of for so long can enjoy a weekend like this.

In just a few short weeks, we will begin our trips to Denver Children's, to get medical care for these little guys. We are trying to live in the moment before real tough stuff begins. They will both have surgery this summer...

Many Blessings,



  1. Love the pictures!!! The Lord has big things planned for your boys!!! Love you girl!!

  2. Love the pictures of the boys on the boat together:) What lucky little boys....and lucky mama and babba too:) Our girls freaked out at the grass on their bare feet! Any grain of sand, or dirt has to be dumped out immediately from their crocs. They could hardly walk on any uneven surface! It's been amazing to watch their progress!! Now they can jump on the trampoline and stay on their fee:) They truly had so little opportunity for any variety in their lives! God Bless you! We Think of you often, and follow your blog;)

    1. Does it just amaze you sometimes! We are keeping up with you guys too. They have already changed so much. Love you guys!!!