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Rathjen Family
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Getting To Know You...

We have been home a little over a month and have had these little hams about a month and a half. We have watched thier personalies unfold and seen them bloom before our very eyes.

Here are some of the things Trigg and Ivor have in common:

They were both born in China.
They both have great senses of humor.
They both have a family that is crazy about them.
They both know how to have a good time.

Here are some of the things Trigg and Ivor are quite opposite, really.

Trigg is very careful and meticulous. He tries very hard to not get food on his face or clothing, or bib for that matter.

Ivor digs in at mealtime. He starts out with a spoon, shifts to using hands, then throws in the towel and tips the bowl. If he is done, the bowl might just end up on his head.

Trigg loves clothes! He will examine his outfit for the day, if given the opportunity he will choose it. If pleased, he will go around to his family members pointing at his favorite thing about the clothing he has on.

Ivor, well...he could care less. I am not sure he even notices.

Trigg gets very sad if you tell him no, or correct him.

Ivor gives you either a grunt or a grin and tries to either plow you over or win you over.

Trigg loves to dance.

Ivor is a Chinese Acrobat.

Both of these little guys are truly precious and uniquie in their own ways. It is facinating getting to know them. We feel like we have known them forever, yet we are watching them change daily, before our eyes. They are both so positive. It's amazing to look back and see what they have been through, and to see how happy they are regardless. They just go on...with a smile.

I am so grateful to God for bringing them into my life...




  1. Love it:) Ours are so different too:) BEAUTIFUL kiddos!

  2. They are so sweet... all your kids! Addie keeps telling random people about
    "our friends with the cutest twin baby boys!!!" :-D Hugs!