Rathjen Family

Rathjen Family
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Denver Children's- Here We Come!

As I lay Ivor down tonight, safe in his crib in the company of his glow worm and stuffed horse, I had to fight back tears. It's best the little guy doesn't know what is coming but it's sad too. He is so happy and energetic. It's disturbing to think of him just one day away from a 6 hour surgery, that is going to sweep him off his feet. I am grateful he is here, in a family, getting the help he needs to live a healthy life. However, I know it is going to be very difficult to hand him over to the team of doctors and watch him be rolled away.

It's hard not to wonder why this little guy, who has already endured so much, has so much more to endure. It comforts me to know he is a fighter, he is strong and he has already beat all odds. The Lord has a plan for this child and He will protect him and give him strength to get through this.

I wonder to, how this will effect Trigg. At two, how much can he really understand? Will it be harder for him because he can't fully understand why his twin is suffering so?

All I can do is pray Jesus will comfort these boys, wrap his strong arms around them and help us all to get through this.



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