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Rathjen Family
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Finding Nemo

Ivor snuggling Nemo during nap

Ivor's life started in a Ch*nese Welfare Institution.  When he was 9 weeks old, he was "rescued" by Love Without Boundaries, and whisked away to be reunited with his identical twin. He spent the next 16 months there, where the care was far better, and he was nursed back to life.  Love Without Boundaries was a safe place for our sons.

Fast forward to November, 2013…

We were in the Disney Store in the mall when Ivor found a stuffed "Nemo" fish.  He really wanted it, like desperately.  I said no, and the fits started.  He was beside himself, upset.  I was wishing I had just got it for him, but once I said no, I needed to stick to my guns.

As the holiday season continued, Ivor would get asked what he wanted for Christmas. His reply was "Nemo" every time. The strange thing to me was, he had never seen the movie, and Ivor is not a fan of reptiles, spiders or fish. AT ALL.

Hanging in the Nemo Room
Christmas morning, Ivor opened his long awaited Nemo.  He was one happy guy!  His smile said it all, and he packed that thing around all day.  Needless to say, He LOVES his Nemo.

Earlier this week, I was looking back through the boys' progress reports from Love Without Boundaries, when it suddenly hit me.  Ivor was in the NEMO room.  Nemo was swimming daily on the four walls that surrounded my son.  This was no coincidence, Nemo and Ivor go way back.  I am so  glad my super sensitive, highly alert, sweet boy has once again, found Nemo.

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