Rathjen Family

Rathjen Family
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Friday, February 21, 2014

One More Surgery Down!

We are home and on the road to recovery. With each hurdle, I am so in awe of the resilience of these boys.  Trigg did good. It was hard keeping a 3 year year old occupied for a couple days in a hospital bed, but now it's just water under the bridge.  

One of the hard parts for me is leaving all those sick little ones behind, and moving on.  I hate thinking of them struggling.  I walk by the rooms and can't help but think, "You should be in school," or "You should be crawling around on a floor playing with blocks."  Instead they are laying in beds or wheeling around in a wagon.  Trigg was about to go crazy after 2 days and some of these kids have been there a month or more. 

We have to move forward, we have to focus on our children and where they are in their lives.  But we also have to remember these kids in our prayers.  No child should have to go through surgeries, hospital stays and debilitating illnesses.  No child.  

We will all be whole again, for that I am grateful.

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