Rathjen Family

Rathjen Family
Rathjen, Party of EIGHT

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Roadtrip to Louisiana!

We were invited to Louisiana by one of the families we travelled with to China to adopt the boys.   A couple of the other families live in neighboring states and they came down as well.  We are having a great time and I have to say, the drive here was not bad!  The kids had these wonderful snack boxes I made (thanks Pinterest for the fabulous idea). 
These were awesome in the car! They loved them and still had a lot when we made it to our destination!

Our friends have a great place!  It is right on a lake and there's a pool in the back yard. It's too cool! 

Day one and two in Louisiana have been awesome.  My super organized camp host has lots of great things planned for us. We are happy, happy, happy!

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