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Rathjen Family
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Southern Comfort

I learned a valuable lesson, taking a trip to Louisiana.  Here it goes….

Don't allow someone else's opinion to be your own.  Form you own opinion on your own experience.  Lastly, don't be to opinionated.  Allow others to form their own opinions.

It does not seem that deep, does it?  It seems rather simple, really.

Here in Colorado, I feel like most people believe the south is nothin' but hot, muggy, racial,  and full of bugs and creepy crawlies.  I just spent a week in there and this is was my experience...

I never got a bug bite.  I never saw anything scary, except some alligators and they were behind bars.  I loved the humidity.  My skin and lips felt fabulous.  But perhaps what stands out the most is the people.  They were truly wonderful.  The people down south are some of the most hospitable people I have ever met.  We felt so welcomed everywhere we went.

It was so much fun to drive southeast about 1,000 miles and experience a completely different culture.  There was one disappointment, but the pleasant surprises far outweighed the disappointment.  I am sure you are wondering what was so disappointing.  With as much clarity as possible I will say…

Racial Tension.  The blacks and the whites.  The stereotypes.  The bitterness.  It is still alive and well in the south.  Now, there were African Americans who smiled and called me "baby," but the majority choose to not even look our way.  Not being from the south, I was not expecting it.  I am used to there really not being a wedge at all.  The friends we stayed with work every day at "building the bridge."  They go, without hesitation into "Cotton's," the black neighborhood grocery store.  The man of the family, stops by "V-Baby," to get an occasional haircut.  Each time he enters, the place falls silent.  He pretends he does not notice.

I know there has been progress.  However, we need to pray for the southerners eyes to be opened and only see one another through God's eyes.

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