Rathjen Family

Rathjen Family
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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Country Kids

Trigg and Ivor seem to like it out here. Each day they get more used to the animals and they respond to coming home, like it is home. They still have some bug they brought with them, but after seeing the doctor today, we feel better about that. With the stress they have been through and now all the new allergens they are being exposed to, it's not surprising it still lingers.

Rance is doing better every day with his new role. He frequently comments on how smart the twins are and how proud of them he is. He will help to distribute food to their trays and when the give us the sign for "more," he will remark, "Mom, they are good boys, really good boys!" He is learning to be a bit more gentle and know his limits when picking them up. They love him and know when he is around, he is out to have a good time.

Zoe is so incredibly helpful. I honestly do not know what I would do without her. She is eager to take care of them and she absolutely adores them both. She is growing up faster than I ever imagined and I beam at the little lady she is becoming.

Tyler, well he is just BUSY. He is very much into the outdoors, so summer time tends to steal him away from us. He checks in frequently and the kids adore him. We have a baby monitor down stairs. One evening he was down there with the babies. Thanks to the monitor, I over heard him say in the cutest little baby voice, "Why do you boys like me so much? Well, I like you too!" I happen to know they were following him everywhere he went, waiting for him to turn and chase them. Once he does, the giggles fill the whole house.

I sometimes cannot wrap my mind around how blessed I am to have such great kids. I say this not out of arrogance, but because it is true. I am do grateful to God for each one of these blessings. They enrich my life so much.




  1. Adorable!!! I am sorry friend my cell is dead, I have mono and all my plans to get you a meal went out the door when I hit the couch... Still sick. Be in touch soon.

  2. Misty,
    I really enjoy reading your blog. You have the most ADORABLE family!!!


  3. Oh Marci! So sorry you has been sick. Not fun! You are sweet to think of us. We will get together soon. Carmel, you have to be getting close. Where are you in the process? Do you have a blog?

    Misty ;)

  4. Loooove those pictures!!!! Glad they are doing so well!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Yours will be home before you know it!