Rathjen Family

Rathjen Family
Rathjen, Party of EIGHT

Thursday, May 10, 2012

We are home!

We got home Saturday. We were greeted by family and friends with signs and all. It was a beautiful moment. The boys survived 26 hours of travel with only about 5 hours sleep each. The other kids did so good, it was as if on the way back they just knew what to expect and buckled down and took it like champs. We are currently on night 5 at home and in survival mode. They have a tough time sleeping at night. They wake each other up, which is hard. We play musical beds and fill bottles frequently. We are very anxious to get to a point where I am at least getting 6 hours asleep a night. Clay had to go right back to work and Tyler had to jump back into school. On day 3 of being home poor Tyler had to take his A.C.T. He is such a trooper. Rance is having a little bit of a hard time losing so much of my focus. Thanks to grandparents he is getting some one on one. The twins are very scared of our dogs and trying to figure out their new surroundings, and taking 99 percent of my time. I find myself missing the other kids. Zoe is amazing. She kicks in and helps so much, studies her play lines on her own, which she has the lead part and performs in just two days for. I am hopeful once the jet lag passes, we get rested and the baby boys get more comfortable, we can find our new normal. Even on little sleep these little guys are so sweet and happy. They love to be outside and I have included some pictures of them in their new life.

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